LS2XR Barcode Label Weighing Scale

LS2XR Barcode Label Weighing Scale

The Aclas LS2XN barcode label weighing scale is an excellent fit for medium to large-sized supermarkets, chain stores, green grocers, and delis. These scales come with a pull-out and vertical paper loading mechanism that simplifies paper installation. The combination of a sturdy base, strong printing capabilities, and a user-friendly design ensures reliable weighing stability. Additionally, these scales offer powerful network functions such as nutrition labeling and tracking information. Customers can choose from a variety of options, including square/rectangle displays, with or without poles, and liner-less label printing, to meet diverse requirements.

Functional Features:

  • Patent insect-proof design.
  • Patent hot keypad (112*2 keys) design.
  • Modularized printer design.
  • Free format of labeladjustable label size going from 30*30mm to 56*109mm.
  • Carry out PLU, network, inventory and batch management.
  • Ethernet port, optional WIFI module.
  • Support tracking and nutrition information.
  • Powerful PC software for freely label edits, PLU information programming, direct keys. assignment, sales report management.
  • Buyer language support both in printingand display.
  • Supports up to 99 clerks.

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