Universal Scales offers a range of precision scales and jewelry balances in Dubai that are reliable and accurate. These balances are equipped with the latest technology and features, such as recipe making, indication in percents, counting of pieces, and auto zeroing. With an RS232C connection, users can easily connect these balances to a computer or printer for report printing and processing of weighing information or results. Universal Scales’ jewelry precision scales are the perfect choice for jewelers who require precision and accuracy in their weighing operations.

Axis Legalized ATZ series of jewelry balances, which are not marked with R, can be used for the purposes of finding out the mass of jewelry products such as labeling as well as for various other measurements done at the backup of jewelry stores or shops. The RS232C connection which is standard connections allows its users to be connected with a computer or printer in order to print reports, receipts or for any other kind of information processing the weighing results. ATZ balances have a complete range of special and useful functions and specifications such as auto zeroing and pieces counting.

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