Truck Weighing Scales in Dubai, UAE

Cardinal Scale USA offers Guardian – Concrete Pit type truck weighing scales that serve as an ideal solution for various industries, including aggregate, chemical, solid waste, grain, and construction. These concrete pit type scales are specifically designed to provide superior protection against a range of conditions that can potentially impact truck scales installations in Dubai. They offer safeguards against water damage, lightning strikes, power surges, explosive environments, erosion, shock loading, welding hazards, extreme temperature fluctuations, and even rodent infestations. With these scales, owners can rest assured knowing that their investment is well-protected. Additionally, the Guardian truck scales are certified as NTEP legal-for-trade, ensuring accurate and reliable weight measurements.


  • Resistant to electrical surges and lightning damage.
  • Water damage has no effect on load cells
  • Long lasting load cells in the Market
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Legal for trade (NTEP)