2240 Series

2240 Series

2240 Series

The USA-manufactured 2240 series feature a dual LED displays which shows piece count and weight simultaneously. 2240 Series also have QuickCount feature which integrate four vibrantly colored keys, centrally set for accessibility, offers quick and easy operations for Counting, Sampling, Zero and Printing. A second scale input lets users to be connected with a remote scale that might be used either as a bulk scale, sampling scale or both. The 2240 series of Cardinal’s counting scale maintains the last standard piece weight and mechanically recalculates when size of the sample is changed and can amass up to 300 IDs, each one with their own average piece weight, tare weight and collector. This cardinal’s 2240 series of counting scale is available in the 100, 50, 20 and 10 lb capacities.

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