7550, Wall-Mount Fold-Up

7550, Wall-Mount Fold-Up

7550, Wall-Mount Fold-Up

USA-made 7550 wall-mount wheelchair USA-made scale features a unique fold-up storage design that saves space when not in use. The 7550 easily accommodates most wheelchairs with its capacious 32.3-inches W x 33-in D (82-cm W x 84-cm D) platform, however requires very little floor space after folding up. The slim 6.6 inches / 17 cm profile takes up minimal space when installed in a medical facility hall, clinical office, or patient room. When you are ready to weigh, just lower the platform and the gas spring lifting machinery will gently lower it into place. The patient might be easily rolled along the scale, and a platform lip will securely hold the wheelchair in place for weighing.

Key features

  • 2-Way easy Access Ramps
  • BMI Calculation
  • Gas Spring Lifting Mechanism
  • Compact Vertical Fold-Up Platform
  • Conserves Space
  • OIML EC Class III Model Available
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet Optional
  • RS232 Serial and USB Ports Standard
  • May be Used on Carpet or Hard Floor
  • Surfaces
  • Slim 6.6-inch Profile
  • Spacious Platform
  • Sturdy Steel Construction

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