Our Dealership

We have an authorized dealership with various companies. ACLAS, Flintec, Cardinal, Axis, are some major companies that Universal Scales have a strong dealership with. Universal Scales offers dealership in numerous countries around the world including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait as well as some more countries. In Ajman UAE, Universal Scales has its own factory where it fabricates a wide range of weighbridges and scales of numerous sizes and categories. Universal Scales is the authorised dealer of various  weighing products including Electronic weighbridge, Bar-code , Super market Scale and various more other products as well. We also serve customised scale products as directed by our client’s requirements. We provide the high-tech  solutions to our clients at the reasonable budget and quality at the same time.

Industrial Digital Scales Dealers:

Universal Scales is a prevalent company in the field of producing and selling high quality scales and numerous other industrial products. We deal in various scales and weighing products range including the product of Industrial level as well. Our industrial digital scales are highly demanding and are of great eminence. Numerous of the large industries in big countries like UAE, Oman; Saudi Arab etc. use the industrial digital scales and other industrial weighing products from Universal scales and provide us a positive and good feedback. All of our industrial products are durable and long lasting. We are serving our customers with our wide selection of our Industrial Products on international level.

Cardinal Scales

Cardinal ScaleThe Company Cardinal Scale is an ISO-9001 certified firm and among one of the top scale manufacturers companies. Cardinal Scale was established in the year 1950 and currently markets a wide-ranging line of high quality weighing scaling and systems and products. Cardinal has a headquarters in Webb City, Missouri in United States and its warehouses are located in Canada and England. The distributors of Cardinal Scale are in more than 100 countries around the world and we also have a strong dealership with this company. Cardinal Scale manufactures and provides its customers a one-stop shop that will fulfill all your scaling and weighing products requirements with its extensive range of products of weighing and scaling systems. Cardinal Scale also offers a complete range with a wide assortment of peripheral equipment for the weighing operation and truck scale needs. Cardinal Scale is one of our major dealership partners. Presently, Today, Cardinal Scale is recognized as its brand name Cardinal Scale or Detecto Scale.


FlintecFlintec is a force measurement and load cells solutions firm which manufacturer concentrated on developing high quality, compound machinery, sub-systems as well as systems for customers in a diverse variety of industrial sectors. Flintec mainly focus on augmenting their produces quality, working performance, constantly improving customer service as well as expanding and enhancing their technology. Flintec is one of the leading industries of precision load cells and strain devices electronics equipment manufacturer of the world and introducing an extensive range of force measurement solutions for clients who demand best precision, excellence and customer service. Flintec was established in the year 1969. This weighing Scales designing company was established by the two Swedish engineers. In its initial years, they concentrated on producing not only exclusive scale designs but as well as focused on developing load cells that were really ground-breaking.


AxisAXIS was founded in the year 1989. The first Polish microprocessor-based scales were offered by the AXIS. Quality managing system latest technology and (ISO certificate) guarantee satisfying all the strict requirements of European Community principles. Because of the developing and growing state of technology, all scales manufactured by AXIS are designed to collaborate with a computer system, printer as well as with other automatic equipment. Furthermore, AXIS also offer multi stand data collecting, batching systems, label printing systems plus packet products net weight controlling system. Our offers consist of laboratories scales, scales used for shops, jewelry stores, drugstores, medical cabinets, quality control departments, stores and production lines. Particularly for difficult conditions we designed hermetic and stainless, chemicals and water safe scales. With the advancement of technologies level all balances of AXIS can work together with PC, printer and automatic control hardware. Also AXIS offer multi stand system, batching systems, collecting of data, system of label printing and net cost control system of bundling products.

Retail Scales Dealers:

Universal Scales manufactures an extensive variety of scale and weighing products. We have immense retail product offerings which contains an extensive range of retail scales that are utilized both by local standards and globally as well. Our retail products are of superb and of incredible magnificence also. With the use of the latest innovation, we make the best retail scales. Our retail product offering, especially the retail scales are demanded and utilized by our customers from all around the world and they give us a positive response regarding the excellence of our regularly developing retail scale in the retail products range.

Pinnacle Technology Corporation –  Taiwan

ACLASACLAS, Since 2000, have been pursuing the goal to become the leading manufacturer who can provide one-stop shopping experience, and now our product portfolio covers almost all the commercial devices categories including cash registers, touch screen POS, electronic scales, printers, barcode scanners, peripherals and wireless restaurant solutions which are used in retailing and catering industries. Moreover we are the No.1 fiscal ECR exporter in China, and our label printing scales have taken a considerable market share in China. Meanwhile overall 60% of ACLAS products are shipped to overseas, with the advantage of our global distribution channel in 50+ countries.Our product portfolio almost covers all the commercial devices used in commerce and retailing industries, and Pinnacle is the only supplier in China can offer “One-stop” shopping experience.

Since 2000, we have been pursuing the aim to become the top maker who can give their customers one-stop shopping experience, and now our products range covers all the business gadget categories comprising cash registers, touch display POS, electronic scales, printers, scanner tag scanners, peripherals as well as wireless restaurants solutions which are used in retailing and catering businesses. Also ACLAS is the top financial ECR exporter in places like China, and their label printing scales have taken an extensive market share China. In the meantime overall 60 percent of products of ACLAS are transported to abroad, with the benefit of their worldwide distributor’s chain in more than 60 countries around the worlds. The products range of ACLAS is just about all the business gadgets utilized as a part of trade and retailing industries, and Pinnacle Technology Corporation – Taiwan is the leading weighing scale suppliers in China can offer “One-stop” shopping experience.


PricerPricer AB, a globally leading provider of in-store digital shelf-edge solutions, established in 1991, in the city of Uppsala, Sweden.  Pricer’s products augment both the performance of the store as well as the customer’s shopping experience at the same time. The infrared electronic shelf label platform offered by Pricer comes with robust, fast, interconnectable and scalable specifications. Pricer provides their solutions to some of the top retailers of the world, small and large such as: DIY, grocers, electronics as well as specialty stores. Up till now, over 110 million electronic shelf labels have been sold by Pricer to around 13,500 stores in 50 states.

Pricer, since its establishment in the year 1991, has been working hard with the aim to achieve the preeminent position in the world where it has now. Recently in 2014, Pricer launched a new digital strategy that provides stores a solution not just for pricing, but also for consumer contact, streamlining, campaigns as well as for forecasts. In 2013, Pricer has installed around 100 million shelf labels at different sites across the globe. A new graphic label DotMatrix DM200C was introduced by Pricer in the year 2011 which is a well-liked choice for retailers in search of a large format price screen, with the new Lockline range offer retailers a label that locks into the store fixings. Having a strong technical background and vast experience in this industry, Pricer is best known for its high-quality and well-efficient solutions.

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