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Bench Scale Carts

The Bench scale carts made by Cardinal – USA offer a mobile weighing choice for bench scales of Admiral Series and EB Series. These bench scale rolling carts are built with wash-down and easy-to-clean stainless steel for sanitary conditions and features lock casters for the stability while check weighing, bolt-down hole for escalating Cardinal bench scale. It also comes with inner shelf and uncovered center part on the top shelf for removal of debris beneath the scale.  The bench scale carts also feature changeable height settings at 38, 34 and 30 inches for the ease of users. These carts are available in two sizes such as 28 D x 24 W inches and 20 D x 18 W inches and to fit any bench scale series of Cardinal Scale such as Admiral or EB series bench scale. The Ships flat packed (assembly required).

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