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PS1C Price Computing Scale

PS1D Price computing Scale is the amazing retail product introduced by Aclas.. Its remarkable features are mentioned below.

Functional features:

  • Auto-power saving design, switch to stand-by mode automatically (user-defined 4~200seconds at will, 200seconds won’t switch to auto-power saving mode) only consume 21µA and awake by any operation or loading because of the inner shaking mechanism. Tap the platter when there is no reply on loading.
  • Insects proof design, life-long carbon covering, and High-sensitive light touch keyboard.
  • The first ever one product produces lithium battery charging version.
  • Daily total earning check feature.
  • Patent hot keypad (PS1XD having 35*2 PLU keyboard)
  • Re-display the transaction details including piece weight, unit price, total price, price unit and serial number, more clearly than other market products.
  • Stylish easy-to-clean patent, tempered glass platter.
  • The version with communication port (PS1XC/PS1XD) can also be connected with POS or ECR. Optional RS232 dongle to recognize wireless communication, Store 70PLU (PS1XD).
  • 8-memory unit price key, easy to operate when busy.
  • High anti-interference fields up to 10v/m.
  • Support backlight (PS1XB/PS1XC/PS1XD) change function by tapping on the backlight key for 1.5 seconds, able to save energy by switching-off backlight in bright surroundings and extend the battery life.
  • CHG function to change notes precision, price-lock function, useful for selling of same price weighing commodity.
  • Price unit 500 g or KG can be placed, best for traditional markets.
  • Two choices ranges: 30kg (e=5g/10g) or 15kg (e=2g/5g).

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