180 Digital Indicators

180 Digital Indicators

180 Digital Indicators

180 digital weight indicator model of Cardinal Scale USA is a reasonable choice to use with floor scales and other weighing applications using up to four load cells. The 180 is supported by RS232 bi-directional serial port connectivity for output to a PC or one label/ticket printer. USA-madeexcellence is apparent with the stainless steel coverwith clearly visible 0.56 inch/14 mm high, 6-digit vivid-red LED display. The adaptableincreasing bracket of the indicator permits it to fixed on a desk or be raised vertically on a wall. The 180 indicator can also be acted as a remote display or keypad for other Cardinal indicators. The 6-keys keypad provides easy operation for numerous of weighing purposessuch asconversionof Gross, Tare, and Net. Constant serial data round out the features of this low-costUS-made indicator. It is certified by NTEP and OIML.

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