Cardinal Scale USA introduced its 201ADMIX is an precise and dependable weight-based admixture providing system intended for the ready mix and solid products trades that provides a numerous of different benefits over flow meter systems. Scale can also be calibrated according to the customer’s choice and requirements of weight and fluid ounces. The 201ADMIX’s dynamic and static trim help gives highly-precise valve discharge cut-offs for increased proficiency. The 201ADMIX permits you to precisely dispense fluids by pulse, weight and self-sufficiently (the controller points the 201ADMIX how much material to be filled). The whole system comprises the 201ADMIX controller with multi-color LCD, polycarbonate box with clear-smoke shield, relays, and scale (flask-mounting support and US-made Cardinal load cell). Four programmable digital outputs are alsoincorporated for easy connectivity with a PLC, computer or any other smart device.

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