Detecto’s offers 6880 fold-up footrests and armrests, secure back wheel brakes, an ergonomically designed plastic-molded seat and smooth gliding 3 inches (7 cm) diameter wheels which can turn around easily in a full uprising. The scale is entirely electronic with a single load cell. Padded hand grasps add to the 6880 being a pleasure to operate. The LOCK key of the scale holds the patient weight, so that clinical professionals can attend to their patient first before recording the weight. The convenient units switching amount lb and kg on the pointer makes the scale useful in a range of settings.
Key features

  • EMR/EHR ready.
  • Integral Full Revolution Swiveling Wheels
  • 440 lb / 200 kg capacity.
  • OIML EC Class III model available.
  • Lift-Away Arms and Footrest
  • Made in USA Quality
  • Plastic-Molded Seat
  • Secure Rear Wheel Brakes

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