825 Spectrum

825 Spectrum

825 Spectrum

Cardinal’s US-made 825 Spectrum indicator’s complete-color 640 x 480 pixel (5.25-inches H x 4-inch W/133 mm H x 102 mm W) illuminated LCD touch display with stainless steel enclosure instructing 64 MB of memory joined with vast network by means of 4 bi-directional RS232 communication serial ports, 2 USB A host ports, 110/100 Base-T Ethernet port, and 1 USB B device port, there is no limit to the potential of this indicator. It can be programmed by up to eight operators for use. Other remarkable features comprise a customizable separating, date/time function, Gross, Tare, and Net transformation, navigation and QWERTY keypad keys and supports up to 14 350ohm burden cells. It is certified by OIML and NTEP legitimate for-exchange.

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