ATEX Junction Boxes

ATEX Junction Boxes

ATEX Junction Boxes

The painted aluminum junction box and the stainless steel junction box are designed to paralleled connect up to 4 load cells in. The polyester junction boxes are intended to paralleled connect up to six respective 8 load cells in (their design comprise surge arrestors for lightning safety). Each Junction box is available with explosion protection according to EEx ia IIC T6 (using “EEX ia” blue cable glandsand name plate). The aluminium junction boxes are also obtainable with explosion protection according EEx e IIC T6 (with “EEX e” name plate and black cable glands). Customers can connect junction boxes with a protected 6-wire cable to the instrumentation.

Functional Features

  • Connection up to 4, 6 respective 8 load cells.
  • Explosion shield EEX e IIC T6 (only for KAEX-4) and EEX ia IIC T6 (all boxes).
  • Rugged industrial coverings with IP66 protection.
  • Cable connection through screw terminals.

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