BRW 1000

BRW 1000

BRW 1000

Accommodating up to 40 inches (101-cm) wide bariatric-size wheelchairs, the USA-made BRW1000 offers everything essential for weighing bariatric patients. For added ease, a patient may be rolled onto the scale and chair tare weight keyed in for effective weighing. The heavy-duty (yet light-weight) 75-lb platform with integral 2-way-access ramps, non-skid rubber mat, and 1,000-lb capacity makes the BRW 1000 perfect for patients in power or manual wheelchairs, dialysis patients, or walk-ons. The four American-made stainless steel load cells of the scale feature self-aligning feet, so when the scale comes to rest from transportation mode, it will find the most level surface for weighing.

Key Features

  • 2-Way Easy Access Ramps
  • 6 C Batteries (Not Included)
  • 1000 lb/450 kg Capacity
  • Integral Carrying Handle
  • Integral Wheels Ease Transport
  • BMI Calculation
  • EMR/EHR Ready
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet Optional
  • Made in USA Quality
  • OIML EC Class III Model Available
  • Spacious Platform

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