The portable C-series counting scales are offered in 30 lb/15 kg, 6 lb/3 kg and 65 lb/30 kg capacities options. These C-series counting Scales feature a standard rechargeable battery pack for the purposes of mobile weighing. It comes with up to 99 stored product look-ups and having 9 direct quick keys. C-series has a stainless steel platform design and counts pieces with un-known and known weight samples. There is a backlit blue LCD display which shows quantity and weight and limits with audible alert beep. C-series also features a weight accumulator mode function. There are the versions of C-series such as C6, C30, and C65 counting scales which are perfect for stock counting where mobility is a necessity. These durable C-series counting scales comes with a full keypad to recall and enter known piece weights and metric conversion, tare weights,  1/300,000 counting ruling, bubble level and non-skid feet for constancy. Users can also quickly count multiple stock parts conveniently, and up to 15,000 weight divisions make them proficient to count the smallest parts. There is also included a UL-listed AC adapter in it.

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