Compact-popular Laboratories

Compact-popular Laboratories

Compact-popular Laboratories

Compact-popular Laboratories of ATA arrangement are small sized but high accuracy scales. ATA range of these balances comes with calibration system with interior weight, which guarantees keeping up of measurements accuracy during the usage. ATA series are intended to use in research centers, drug stores, jewelry stores, labs as well as many of other places where high  accuracy measurements is needed. Transparent draft shield with cover (choice) permits operation in rooms, where elimination of air movements is impossible. Huge, illuminated screen with useful functional keys permits simple and viable working with the scale. All the scales have a rich range of latest exclusive functions: counting of same pieces, calculation of mass changes in percents, formula making, and change of measurement unit (oz, ozt, gr, ct, lb, and dwt), summing calculation series and numerous others. RS232C and USB connector permits to connect with a PC or printer to print reports, receipts or archiving measuring results in PC.

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