FAA-24 Analogue Amplifier

FAA-24 Analogue Amplifier

FAA-24 Analogue Amplifier

The FAA-24 Analogue Amplifier is aprecise, multipurpose, process instrument analogue amplifier by FlinTec. It provides independent connectivity for up to 4 load cells. By means of analogue output (jumper selectable) it gives current 0…20 mA / 4…20 mA or Voltage 0…10 V. The stainless steel enclosure provides the best solution for industrial applications, protection IP65. Other remarkable features of FAA024 Analogue Amplifier includes its 0.0125% accuracy, Analogue output, current or voltage, Power supply 18…30 V DC. FAA-24 Analogue Amplifier comes with Zero adjustment totally independent of distance adjustment as well as features IP65 Protection.

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