KA-KAK Junction Box

KA-KAK Junction Box

KA-KAK Junction Box

Flintec has added the product line of painted aluminum junction box which is available in three different versions, KA-4, KA-6 and KAK-4.

KA-4 Junction box is designed to connect three or four load cells in parallel. The resistors do the corner trimming and the cable connections are done via soldering.

The KA-6 is an extended version of KA-4 Junction box which provides the connection in parallel of up to 6 load cells. It features a similar housing but different printed circuit board with two additional cable glands.

The another version of these painted aluminum junction box is KAK-4 which is designed to accommodate up to 3 or 4 load cell connections in parallel. In this advanced version, cable connections are done through clamping terminals and the corner trimming is done through resistors or/andpotentiometer.

One gland is sealed as shown in the picture.Cable gland is M16x1.5 for cable diameter 5…9 mm. All these versions of junction boxes can also be connected with a shielded 6-wire cable to the instrumentation. It comes with the Protection.

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