KPF Junction Box Polyester

KPF Junction Box Polyester

KPF Junction Box Polyester

Flintec has introduced a new range of high quality and high-tech polyester junction boxes which are available in four different versions to choose from.

KPF-4 Junction box which connects 4 load cells in parallel.

KPF-6 Junction box which connects 6 load cells in parallel.

KPF-8 Junction box which connects 8 load cells in parallel.

KPF-10 Junction box which connects 10 load cells in parallel.

All these versions are exclusively designed for silos and weighbridges including surge arrestors to provide the protection from lightning. The advanced KPF series of Flintec junction box can also be connected with a 6-wire shielded cable to the instrumentation. The corner trimming is processed by the resistors. One of these KPF junction boxes, KPF-10 comes with larger box with rugged industrial polyester enclosure. It also comes with a Protection IP66 and features cable gland M16x1.5 for cable diameter 5…9 mm.

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