LB Series load bars

LB Series load bars

LB Series load bars

The USA-made Cardinal’s LB series of load bars are designed and manufactured exclusively for multipurpose usage under a numerous of farm applications such as passageway platforms, cages, squash chutes, containers, hoppers, and other sort of  farm applications as well. LB series of load bars feature rough structural steel pipe frame built with extra-extensive foot bowls on each side and receiver flaps on the top. The 4Cardinal’s USA-made model TB 2500-lb a stainless steel load bars cell comeswith tune able support feet. It requires firm smooth surface and a solid platform or crate. There is no summing box requiredwith it. LB Series offers accuracy to within +/- 1%. It consists of cables of 12 ft. between load bars and 20 ft. for indicator. Indicator sold individually and is available in custom sizes according to customer’s requirement.

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