LP1X Series Label Printer

LP1X Series Label Printer

LP1X Series Label Printer

The LP1X is new innovative thermal label printer by Aclas. LP1X thermal label printer comes with combined price look up PLU keyboard and the one line LCD screen. The LP1X has a feature through which it is able to be linked with weighing platform. TheLP1X is the best and first choice for distribution, logistics, auto packing, and mailing packages units. Universal Scales is offering thermal label printer at the best price and rates. The key features of LP1X comprise Patent PLU keypad (36*2 keys) which is fast to operate and can be lifted to put price look up sheet below as well as comes with water-proof and easy to clean specifications. These is a 65*132 graphic LCD screen to displaythe name, weight and price of the commodity.

LP1X comes with having two paper widths such as 56mm and the other one is 72mm. LP1X is proficient to download multiple user formats from PC and operate independently for packing applications. Moreover, it comes with wireless connection along with optional platform scales and support continuousreceipt or label printing by entering the customerā€™s or retailerā€™sdata under 3 modes such as, Information related with single Weight and single PLU, Ā Information related with multi Weight and single PLU, Ā Info related with and multi Weigh, multi PLU. It also supports lineless label printing which is optional in it.

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