LS2XN Label Printer

LS2XN Label Printer

LS2XN Label Printer

Aclas LS2XN series of label printer scales are best suited for large-medium sized superstores, chain stores, green groceries, delis etc. It comes with Pull-out and vertical paper load machine makes paper installation easy. Strong printing effect, solid base and user friendly design guarantees the weighingstability, along with powerful network functions, nutrition labeling, tracking information etc. square/Rectangle display, without/with pole version and liner less label printing are optional to give more choices for diverse requirements.

Functional Features:

  • Patent insect-proof design.
  • Patent hot keypad (112*2 keys) design.
  • Modularized printer design.
  • Free format of label.
  • Carry out PLU, network, inventory and batch management.
  • Ethernet port, optional WIFI module.
  • Support tracking and nutrition information.
  • Powerful PC software for freely label edits, PLU information programming, direct keys assignment, sales report management.
  • Buyer language support both in printingand display.
  • Supports up to 99 clerks.

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