LS6X Series Label Printing Scale

LS6X Series Label Printing Scale

LS6X Series Label Printing Scale

LS6X series is another innovative addition to Aclas products line up. It is best-suited for medium and large-sized supermarkets such as departmental stores, super stores, delis, greengroceries and other retail units as well. Its high-tech featured software provides outstanding performance experience in labeling, editing, networking and in PLU. It makes its usage easier via its exclusive patent insect-proof structure as well as modularized printer design.

Key Features:

  • Its Patent insect-proof and water-proof structure prevents the faults originated by viruses entering into the device. It is perfect for fresh and seafood departments.
  • It has 2 Patent (112*2 hot keypad design, which can be lifted to put PLU sheet beneath. Fast to work, easy to clean.
  • Modularized design of printer, maintenance and replacement is convenient.
  • Free format and adjustable size of label op to 30*30 mm to 60*109 mm.
  • Advanced and user-friendly scale software outputs the network, PLU and label editing and inventory management.
  • Liner-less label printing type (LS6XN) is optional.

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