MH Floor Scales

MH Floor Scales

MH Floor Scales

The American-made Cardinal’s Mini Hugger heavyweight floor Scale is ideal for the processes of industrial weighing application. Mini Hugger Floor Scales provides reliable and precise barrel or drum weighing. The additional remarkable features of model MH-524 Scale comprise a USA-made single point load cell, 1/2-inch-thick deck plate, 24 x 24-inch mild stainless steel platform having tan processed-on powder paint. The MH floor scales are rugged enough for the daily usage in the busiest warehouses. The weighty, hard base (209 lb) offers a solid support construction for loading heavy containers and barrels on the top while weighing. The base of four adjustable heights with a 10 feet long load cell wire paired with any scale of Cardinal’s 200 digital indicators make any weighing system that bring out any industrial job precisely and consistently.

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