OS2CX Checkout Scale

OS2CX Checkout Scale

OS2CX Checkout Scale

Checkout Scales offers their customer numerous advantages in which one of them is it reduces the risk of error or frauds.  Universal Scales offers a range a Checkout Scale product by Aclas OS2CX. There are numerous additional features which are described below.

Functional Features:

  • Optional wireless type which transfers weighting information to POS/ECR in time with no lines.
  • Capacitance keys, with high sensitivity performance, easy to clean, water-proof, anti-fouling features.
  • Well-designed structure and compacted internal procedure guarantees its consistency and aesthetics.
  • Convenient to connect with POS/ECR.
  • Measuring range options of 15kg (e=2g/5g) and 30kg (e=5g/10g).

Optional Features:

  • Its Imbedded design saves important counter space.
  • Two customer display options: integrated or external, according to the client’s need.
  • Tare, zero and other function keypads on the screen, convenient to operate and to check out the weighting info.
  • Patent tempered elegant looking glass covering.
  • Communication platter which implements exclusive insect-proof design prevents the machine from errors arises by viruses.

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