S2WIFI Serial to Wi-Fi module

S2WIFI Serial to Wi-Fi module

S2WIFI Serial to Wi-Fi module

Cardinal Scale USA designed S2WIFI Serial to Wi-Fi module connects to IEEE 802.11b/g wireless local area networks also known as wireless LAN and lets you to send data wirelessly from the weight gauge to existing networks, printers, remote displays, laptops, PCs, smart phones and tablets. The durable S2WIFI allows its users to experience the extensive library of Cardinal’s mobile applications for tablets and smartphones. The S2WIFI also adapts serial to a Wi-Fi signal and provides wireless Ethernet to any indicator of Cardinal Scale. It can also be added to an existing network or can also be created stand-alone network. Four communication status LEDs let users to quickly link connection, transmit/receive, quickly identify the power as well as reset to the factory default. The S2WIFI has a watertight, weather-proof enclosure in a dense polycarbonate box having clear smoke covering. All power is supplied by the indicator so there is no external power is required for it.

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