TS5NX Touch Scales

TS5NX Touch Scales

TS5NX Touch Scales

TS5NX is an innovative addition in Aclas products line-up of retail scaling products. TS5 is an ARM-based touch Scales with an open OS platform. TS5 comes with a complete range of bench, elevator, pole and self-service type having 10 inches operator touch display for pole, bench and elevator type whereas 19 inches large display for self-service type which also shows larger images of more items. It offers amazing user experience and is one of the best choices among all touch scales.

Useful Features:

  • ARM-based touch scales having open platform Operating System Linux 2.6.37 and WinCE 6.0 and
  • Complete range of pole, bench elevator and self-service type.
  • Cassette printer design, quickly switches with print mode between label and receipt.
  • 10inch operator’s display for bench, pole and elevator type and for self-service type there is a 19inch large display
  • 10inches TFT customer screen to show advertising information.
  • Connects with the back office to understand actual time PLU, sales and stock management set-up a scales network (master ans slave) with floating seller specifications.
  • Preloaded scale apps such as sales, pre-pack, self-service or also offer SDK for 3rd-party software development.
  • 1*Drawer, 1*Ethernet, 2*USB, 2*RS232 Communication port.
  • WIFI supported.

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