Type 52-00 Base plate

Type 52-00 Base plate

Type 52-00 Base plate

Flintec exclusively designed its load cell supports to avoid unwanted forces from affecting on the performance of the load cell.The Flintec type 52-00 is a base plate assembly which is used to support the SB5, SB4, SB6, SB9, SB8, SB14 and SLB load cells. The assembly consists of load cell mounting bolts and base plate. For SB14 and SLB load cells the base plate is provided with a lateral locking system of load cell for rejoining side loads. It is also optionally available for SB5 and SB4 load cells. It can also be delivered with an overload stop, to protect the load cell. Type 52-00 Base plate is also available in zinc plated,steel alternatively stainless steel material versions. It has a capacity range up to 10 000 kg and comprise extremely easy to install functions.

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