Type 52-01HD weigh module

Type 52-01HD weigh module

Type 52-01HD weigh module

The Flintec type 52-01HD weigh module with type SB2 load cell has been exclusively designed for heavy duty, high capacity, and platform scales applications. It is best suited for scales in the steel industries. For example scrap and ladle basket scales where the load is held with crane off and on the Scale and frequent overloading occurs.For scrap basket scales the integrated overload stop proficientlyprevents the load cell from affecting loads when scrap is loaded and being fallen from sometimes height of numerous metersinto the basket. It is available as three-directional bumper module respectively with free sliding module. The 3-directional module bumpers can be reorganized to attain a number of diverse bumping configurations. It is available in materials of Mild steel, painted. It comes with capacities of 20 t and 45 t. It is W&M certified and has blind hole load introduction feature as well. It can be easily installed by welding.

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