Type 55-01-11

Type 55-01-11

Type 55-01-11

Flintec manufactures load cell supports type 55-01-11 weigh module which are designed to avoid the unwanted forces to affecting on the performance of the load cell. The type 55-01-11 is a self-aligning weigh module integrating an excellent load introduction. This weigh module is specifically designed for using rocker column Flintec load cells in tank and hopper weighing applications. The Type 55-01-11 weight module features an integrated the check link to eradicate oscillations produced by slow moving agitators etc. The Weigh Module will be transported pre-assembled with a blocking plate, ready to installfunctions by boltingor welding. It is available in different material versions ofzinc plated, steel and stainless steelalternatively. These are especially designed for tank and hopper weighing with slow moving agitators. It is available in wide range of capacities ranging from 7.5 t, 15 t to 22.5 t. This weigh module comes with integrated lift off protection and load cell replacement needs minimum lifting height. It is easy-to-install weigh module version having a durable and rugged surface.

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