Type Flint weigh II PC based weighing systems:

Type Flint weigh II PC based weighing systems:

Type Flint weigh II PC based weighing systems:

The W&M approved FlintWeigh Scale Interface is a key element to integrate a Weighing System into your PC. Scales with RC3D Digital Load Cells and FlintWeigh PC Weighing System do not need any external weight display.The load cells are connected through RS485/USB- Converter straight to the PC.

The Flintweigh-Software for the computer is an OCX-Module with an Active-X-Control Interface. The approved Weight Display on the PC Monitor displays the accurate weight. An approved Alibi Memory is saved on the hard disk.A remote display and traffic light/barriers can be connected. We can connect 2 scales with functions Scale 1 / Scale 2 / Scale 1+2.

After sales services like set-up and calibration services are extremely easy with all required information on the monitor.The Flintec supply integratesthe FlintWeigh Scale Interface (Converter RS485/USB), FlintWeigh Basic Weighbridge application softwareand certified FlintWeigh PC software.

Key Features

  • Single or multi range/interval
  • EU Type certified for 10 000 intervals
  • Weight display on PC monitor certified
  • Digital I/O for traffic lights and barrier
  • RC3D connection
  • Approved alibi memory on PC hard disk
  • Interface for remote display

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