Type FlintWeigh II IPC Terminal

Type FlintWeigh II IPC Terminal

Type FlintWeigh II IPC Terminal

The Type Flint Weigh II IPC terminal is the perfect solution for the application where accurate measurements must be processed and stored instantly and automatically. The components of the fully incorporated weighing system are the industrial PC with touch display, a special softwareand PCI weighing interface. Measurement results are displayed with high clarity directly on the screen of PC in actual time, while the software simultaneously transfers and records data to the inventory management system of the user.

Functional Features:

  • EU Type approval for 10?000 intervals.
  • Approved alibi memory on hard disk
  • Wholly integrated scale
  • Single range, multi intervalormulti range
  • Analogue load cell connection or type RC3D digital load cells
  • 6 different coverings
  • Display using Windows®-based software
  • Simple data processing via OLE interface

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