Type FT-13 weighing controller

Type FT-13 weighing controller

Type FT-13 weighing controller

Flintec introduces new FT-13 Weight Controller which is an extremely versatile and precise weight indicator designed to use for an extensive variety of process weighing applications like dispensing and filling. Whether dispensingorfilling of liquids, solids, or gases, FT-13 Weight Controller mechanizes the whole process. Its diversity of interface options and selectable certain scale functions perfectly suitablefor weighing and process control systems.

FT-13 raises the flexibility by providing the option to implement particular functions/ interlockingthroughits free programmable feature. This device is approved by Weights & Measures Authorities to use for Accuracy Class III applications with up to 10 000 intervals according to OIML R76. FT-13 has a large 6 digit LED weight display screen (red 20 mm / panel type 14 mm) with weight status info and solid 18-key keyboard for numeric data entry, the basic scale and other specific functions.

Key Features

  • EU Type approved for 10 000 intervals
  • High internal resolution, display up to 60 000 counts
  • Approved sensitivity 0.4 µV/e
  • Serial Interface RS232C
  • 4 digital inputs & 8 digital outputs
  • Conversion rate max. 400/s
  • Integrated power supply
  • Pre-configured applications for typical filling / dispending tasks
  • Programmable functions / interlockings for further optimization

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