Type FT-16-16D Weighing Terminal

Type FT-16-16D Weighing Terminal

Type FT-16-16D Weighing Terminal

The FT-16 Weighing Terminal is an extremely precise device exclusively designed to use in weighbridge and weighing systems applications with label printer where a computer is not required, but a particular amount of data handling and easy operation is needed. The device is sanctioned by Weights & Measures Authorities to use in theapplicationsof Accuracy Class III with almost 10 000 increments according to OIML R76. The actual weight is displayed on the Screenas well as on the basic terminal frame with big 6 digit LED weight display (red 20 mm) with information of weight status. Moreover, the basic terminal is equipped with six tactile keys for scale and particularpurposes. It comes with standard PC Monitor, keyboardand perfect software structure which provide users an easy operation.

Functional Features

  • High internal resolution, display up to 60 000 counts
  • EU Type approved for 10 000 intervals
  • Sensitivity 0.4 µV/e approved (FT-16 only)
  • Alibi memory (up to 74 880 records)
  • Parallel printer interface
  • Integrated power supply
  • Serial Interface RS232C
  • FT-16D for connection to digital RC3D load cells
  • Single or dual range

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