212-212X Storm

212-212X Storm

212-212X Storm

The USA-made Cardinal’s 212 and 212X Storm are intended for non-commercial farming weighing purposes and applications and are equipped with a polycarbonate enclosure features a rear shock absorber mounts joint with either a 0.8-inch/20 mm or 2inches/51 mm high back-lit LCD having 12 or 6digit displays. 212-212X Storm features comprise remote inputs for Start, Zero/Clear, Tare, Print and 2XX-KEYFOB features, a counting feature with accumulator, numeric keypad, three3 Preset Weight Comparators (PWCs), as well as digital fill controller with Unload or load operation. It also has 100 ID locations such as Load Count and Net Weight and supports up to 8 350-ohm load cells.

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