212G Series Weight indicators

212G Series Weight indicators

212G Series Weight indicators

The harsh polycarbonate enclosure creates Cardinal’s NTEP legal-for-trade certified 212G series weight indicators perfect for an extensive sort of weighing applications, whether it is a simple bench scale, heavy-duty floor scale,livestock scale or even a tank/hopper load cell applications. These 212G Series Weight indicatorsfeature 25 single IDs, digital fill control, push-button Gross, Net, Tare, conversion, flexible formats of printing, alphanumeric keypad, selectable weight units, tare, check weighing, dateand time, livestock weighing functions, and 8 preset weight comparators (PWCs). 4 bi-directional RS232 serial ports offer easy connectivity to remote displays, ticketor label printers, or Computers. The 212G features USB-B standard as well as USB-A optional connectivity. The 0.8 inch or 2 inch high LCD is visible in direct sunlight. It Supports up to 8 350-ohm load cells.

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