CenterPoint Self-Checking

CenterPoint Self-Checking

CenterPoint Self-Checking

Cardinal’s USA-made CenterPoint Tank/Hopper Scales use dual-sided shear beam of stainless steel load cells by way of its center load design. The bolt-in-place escalating assembly with articulating upper plate creates them perfect for outdoor and indoor weighing applications. CenterPoint Self-Checking are available in 3 or 4 legged mounting assemblages having stainless ormild steel stands with self-checking slipping pin design. The Cardinal’s CenterPoint load cell kits are ideal for blending,mixing, batching, inventory control, as well as general weighing. It can be combined with one of Cardinal’s high-tech 200 series weight indicators for a whole digital weighing system. It is available in different capacities ranging from 7,500 up to 200,000 lbs.

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