Custom Load Cells Solutions

Custom Load Cells Solutions

Custom Load Cells Solutions

Flintec understands that unique products need unique solutions and for this matter, Flintec load cell meets every customer’s needs as it also serves its customers the customise solutions of load cells in Dubai. All the Flintec’s customised products are guaranteed in terms of performance, quality as well as certified by international quality management standards ISO9001 and ISO13485. Flintec offers its custom load cells solutions use for numerous applications such as Bespoke sensors development and implementation, custom hardware and housing, software design and integration and numerous other applications as well. Flintec provided its custom solutions in various industries including medical, Process weighing, agricultural vehicle industry,process automation and control industries and numerous other sector as well. Customers who are not experienced with force and weight measurement, Flintec also serves them as being their technical support partner, working in collaboration with their in-house engineering resources.

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