HSDC Series, Digital

HSDC Series, Digital

HSDC Series, Digital

HCDC Series of digital hanging Scales manufactured by Cardinal-USA features nine different models of this series to choose from. HSDC series features accurate digital displays to read-out, stainless eyehook and hook integrated. HSDC Series comes with 1 inch large high bold LCD readouts for clear visibility up to 50 ft. It also features an aluminum alloy enclosure for the lightweight strength and is powered by 6 C batteries (not integrated) for easy portable weighing, Auto Sleep and Shutoff modes functions to make longer the battery life. This series is Class III NTEP legal for trade certified (all models excluding HSDC-500), factory calibration, as well as features Gross, Tare, and Net keys. This series are available in 20 lb, 500 lb, 200 lb, 100 lb, 40 lb, plus 20 kg, 40 kg, and 100 kg capacities. The US-made HSDC series of digital hanging scales are also perfect for fish weighing, curbside recycling compilation, slaughtering/meat processing and manufacturing applications and for supermarkets as well.

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