Table call paging system

Table call paging system

Table call paging system

It is a wireless system designed for restaurant applications, which Service Caller can work with Display without any spare device. It comes with 1 Signal Reinforcement Device RF repeater RR1W5. Service Calling System include2 options for Service Caller,

  • Desk type SC1W5.
  • Round shape SC2W5.

It comes with 3 display options

  • Wall type big display BD1W5
  • Watch type display WD1W5
  • Waist pager type display PD1W5

How it works?

  1. Customer starts a calling over the service from SC1X or SC2X from the table.
  2. Waiter receives the service request on Watch (or BD1X, PD1X).
  3. By the No. displayed on Watch, waiter will instantly get the service request of customer, thenoffer prompt service.
  4. First three digits stands for table No., last digit stands for service code.
  5. 2.3. Service code means WATER, CALL, BILL, respectively.
  6. Function key description of SC1X and SC2X can be customized by MOQ quantity or order.

Options of Service Calling Display:

BD1X       BD1W5 Wall type presentation

  1. Size: 420mm (W)*165mm (D)*, Font height 101.6mm.
  2. With exterior power supply.
  3. With external 433MHz wireless Dongle to get calling inside 100m range.
  4. Sound volume is adaptable to match diverse environment.
  5. Buffer could retain maximum 180 service codes, and first 5 can be shown circularly.
  6. The service code only can be removed on the Service Caller.

WD1W5 Watch/PD1X Waist pager type display:

  1. 3 lines 4 digit display can show 3 customer stresses simultaneously.
  2. Integrated 433MHz wireless module to get calling within 60m range.
  3. In-built battery life up to 2days when fully charged.
  4. With “F” function key to easy matching with managing table no.
  5. Adjustable vibration strength with low-battery alarm.
  6. Buffer could retain maximum 180 service codes, can check latest upcoming service code by using “?” “?”
  7. Service code can be clean directly.
  8. PD1X swift with vibrating and sounding too.
  9. Could be fixed to only getanexclusive service code (I.E only receive the call of “Set up the table” on the watch for cleaner).

Options of Service Caller:

SC1X Desk type/SC2X Round type service caller

  1. Unique design with433MHz wireless module.
  2. 12V dry battery life up to 6 months.
  3. SC1X has exclusive design to put on rapid menu or advertisement.
  4. SC2X has exclusive design to simply fix on the table.

RR1X Signal Repeater

  1. Only required when you need to lengthen the communication distance.
  2. With one RR1X it can lengthen the communication distance in 3 times.

Default settings of RR1X can fully transmitting and receive signals.

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