Pancake load cell

Pancake load cell

Pancake load cell

The Flintec Q50 pancake load cell and associated 66-20 weigh modules are structured with electro-polished stainless steel. Pancake load cell areperfect for pharmaceuticaland food industries andwherever the hygiene is a major consideration. Pancake load cells are typically used in tanks, hopper and Silos and other industrial environments as well.The Q50 is laser welded with full hermetic sealing giving it anenvironmental protectionIP68/IP69K rating. The smooth stainless steel surface and limited number of parts helps to prevent the buildup of dirt or dustgivesexcellent ease of cleaning.This makes the Q50 and 66-20 perfect for SIP (Sterilization-in-Place) and CIP (Clean-in-Place) processes. It is a Low profile design and provides Calibration in mV/V/O

The Q50 pancake load cell with the combination of Flintec’s 66-20 weigh module allows users weighing capacities ranging from 500kg for lower capacity containersup to 30t for high capacity storing silos.The Q50 features flintec’s ownstrong glass-to-metal and dry nitrogen sealing technology and strain gauge technology. Pancake load cells can be customized to meetcustomer’s specific requirements. On request,it can be supplied with the company logo, certification, strain gauge bridge resistances and variations of cable type/lengths.

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