RC3D compression load cell

RC3D compression load cell

RC3D compression load cell

The new Flintec RC3D compression load cell is the digital version of previous successful RC3 rocker compression load cell. It comes with integrated high-tech and latest microprocessor system within the load cell which improves and enhances the system performance and precision of the load cell. The digital output allows users to communicate with each load cell independently from others. It is available in the different capacities such as 30 t, 40 t and 50 t. RC3D has a stainless steel structure with complete self-restoring design and also offers IP68 environmental protection with complete hermetic sealing. It comes with an integrated microcontroller and A/D conversion features. Through its (RS485) and fast system setup, it provides easy communication. It is a new digital version of load cell serves users an improved corner adjustmenthandling, advanced system calibration, error finding and easy load cell replacement.

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