ScaleNET Wi-Fi

ScaleNET Wi-Fi

ScaleNET Wi-Fi

The Cardinal introduced ScaleNET Wi-Fi Weight Transmitter is a load cell analog-to-digital converter comes with Wi-Fi to transmit weight data to a wireless network from a scale base. ScaleNET Wi-Fi is designed for non-legal-for-trade weighing apps. ScaleNET can also be used with floor scales, bench scales, axle pads, ag bars and tank/hopper scales. The wireless apps are infinite including AC adapter as well as configuration services apps for computers and all smartphone devices. ScaleNET also features a network password security, tunable noise filtering (FIR and IIR), as well as the LED light of the device shows when data packets are being transferred. ScaleNET must be directly connected to the load cell of the scale or to the junction box (not included load cell cable). ScaleNET wirelessly connects with Computers, Smartphones, and tablets and works in combination with the ScaleNET IDS. It is one of the major industrial weighing products by Cardinal Scale which Universal Scales offers to its clients.

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