T3530 series Dial

T3530 series Dial

T3530 series Dial

The T3530 series of USA-madeDETECTO’s hanging dial scales features an intense diameter of 13.5-inches/34 cm removable aluminum basin having 3 leakage holes with stainless steel scale construction. These features of T3530 series Dial makes this series ideal for medical or foodservices weighing purposes. It is shielded via protective glass platewhich covers thediameter of 14.5-inch/37-cm dials with extra-large clearly visible readouts from both verges. T3530 series Dial is also available in avoirdupois and metric models with the capacities of options of 32 lb capacity (10 lb x 1 oz) and 15 kg capacity (5 kg x 1 25 g). Full capacity is extended in 3 revolts of the dial. There is a Thermolastic springs, unaffected by higher or extreme temperature fluctuations. T3530 seriesdialguarantees the long-term precision while an air dash vessel absorbs jolt when masses are fallen on the scale shielding the machinery and extending the scale life. Accuracy machining in the T3530 series dial hanging scale offers a perfectly-balanced covering, enclosing the wholedevice.

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