Tension, Stainless

Tension, Stainless

Tension, Stainless

The USA-made stainless steel tension load cell by Cardinal is perfectly suitable for both multiple or single load cells tension applications. It has a simple design which allows its use in an extensive variety of configurations. The ZX250, 500 and 1000 load cells are potted sealed using a branded waterproof sealant which remains flexible over the load cell life and provides protection against the load cell straining gages over an extensive range of temperature. The Load cells ZX-2500 and up feature the gage cavity sealed by a soldered stainless steel mug. Metric threads are also accessible on most models. These are available in range of capacities such as 250 lb. / 113 kg to 20,000 lb. / 9072 kg.These load cells are certified by NTEP and are legal-for-trade.

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