Track Scales

Track Scales

Track Scales

The USA-manufactured overhead track scales series AB-4 by Cardinal are all-stainless and are perfect for weighing products being carried by a conventional single overhead track and trolley systems. This 2,000-lb x 0.5-lb. scale is optimal for weighing products being transported in several industries for example storage warehouses, foodor meat packing plants or any other manufacturing processesby means of this type of carrying system. The AB-4 series scales are available with your choice of 3 rail lengths – 24 inches, 30 inches and 50 inches making it easily adjustable to nearlyall rail hangers spacing. Its roughstructureguarantees years of unbroken, trouble-free usage. It comes with non-corrosive stainless steel material which provides for easy-to-clean and wash-down. The AB-4 integrates Cardinal’s USA-manufactured stainless steel SB series of load cells with Cardinal’s, wash-down product 205 weight indicator which can be desk and wall mounted.

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