Type 52-28 weigh module

Type 52-28 weigh module

Type 52-28 weigh module

Flintec offers a wide-ranging series of load cells which are designed to prevent unwanted forces from disturbing performance of load cell.The Flintec type 52-28 weigh module is a low profile, very cost effectiveand compact unit specifically designed for load cells in tank and hopper weighing applications. All modules within a scale are alike and can also be oriented freelyin any direction.  It features an integrated check links (max. 5 kN) to eliminate the oscillations produced by slow moving agitators etc. If supplied with a load cell the weigh module will be supplied completely pre-assembled ready-to-install by boltingorwelding.It is especially designed for SB8 and SB6load cells and available in zinc plated,steel; alternatively stainless steel material versions. It has a capacity range up to 500kg. Rod ends guarantee a tension-free installation and thus an optimal repeatability/accuracy. Load cell replacement needs minimum lifting height by integrated jacking device and load introduction isprocessed by ball and socket joint. It features integrated lift-off protection (max. 5 kN) built-in overload protection.

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