Type-55-01-07C Rocker System

Type-55-01-07C Rocker System

Type-55-01-07C Rocker System

Flintec introduced a new Type 55-01-07d Rocker System load cell supports which are designed to use for the prevention of unwanted forces from affecting performance of load cell. The type 55-01-07A is a self-aligning rocker system integrating an excellent load starter with low profile design. The Flintec Type 55-01-07d Rocker System exclusively designed for the RC3 or RC3D load cells. It is available in two different material versions such as zinc plated and steel. A mounting fixture is available for precise and easy placing of foundation plates. It is a low cost instrument designed for weighbridges. It comes with easy to install functions and available in a range of capacities from 30 t, 40 t up to 50 t.

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