Type 56-02 Dummy supports

Type 56-02 Dummy supports

Type 56-02 Dummy supports

The type 56-02 dummy supports have similar height and can be joined with equivalent capacity of 55-01-07C/D rocker system and weigh modules type 55-20, 55-01-10. The dummy supports are normally used for level control in tanksin scale systems. They exchange two of the weigh modules in tanks on three or four legs and offer an extremely cost effective scale solution. The Dummy supports are dimensioned to take sides forces towards any horizontal way up to 100 percent of overall capacity. Lift off forces is safe to 50 percent for the 7.5/15/22.5 t unitsas well asup to 100% for the 30 or 40 t unit. If tank feet and foundation plates are arranged also with mounting holes for the weigh module, we can also upgrade the scale to a high precision load cell system by exchanging the dummy supports with weigh modules. It is available in very rugged structure versions ofzinc plated and mild steel materials having capacities 7.5 t up to 40 t. It provides easy installation bybolting or welding and bears large angular faults for foundation plateandtank foot.  Type 56-02 Dummy support also allows thermal expansion/contraction.

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