Type FT-15-15D weight indicator

Type FT-15-15D weight indicator

Type FT-15-15D weight indicator

Flintec introduced new a new extremely accurate device FT-15 Weight Indicator exclusively designed for vehicle scales applications, accessible as desk type device or with stainless steel enclosure and protection classIP65. It is approved by Weights & Measures Authorities to use for Accuracy Class III applications with up to 10?000 intervals according to OIML R76. It comes with tactile 18-key keyboard for the numeric data entry, basic scale functions and vehicle scale application program. There is a large six-digit LED weight display (red 20 mm) to show weight status information. It is ideal for stand-alone operation and also has an optional alibi memory for incorporated applications with standard PC. The advanced key features are listed below

Key Features

  • Integrated power supply
  • Approved sensitivity 0.4 µV/e (FT-15 only)
  • EU Type approved for 10?000 intervals
  • High internal resolution, display up to 60?000 counts
  • Function mode for vehicle scales with 1st and 2nd weighing, numeric code entry, calculated net, date/time and printer control
  • Serial Interface RS232C
  • Conversion rate max. 100/s (FT-15 only)
  • Single or dual range
  • Alibi Memory (up to 9?583 records)
  • FT-15D for connection to digital RC3D load cells

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